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Dawn Lamprecht word therapist

Dawn Lamprecht is owner and Editor of WordTherapy Editorial Services. While educated in writing and editing, she also spent many years as a Mental Health Therapist and Licensed Social Worker. Dawn enjoys using her analyzing skills while editing (analyzing the writing, not the writer!). Dawn makes it a priority to keep the writer’s voice, and her background has given her a knack for doing so.

Dawn started writing as a young child. Through the younger years she took creative writing classes, worked as an editor for her school’s literary magazine, won a large poetry contest, and even had a few things published. Dawn went on to get a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (as Dawn DeLay). She had a major in English, a minor in Psychology, and also took several classes in Creative Writing and News Editorial Journalism (including editing). Dawn then went on to get a Master of Social Work Degree. After working in that field for a number of years, including writing in that field and helping others write reports, she is now back to her first loves of editing and writing. Dawn is a member of the Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network. In addition to editing, Dawn also: teaches writing and literature, tutors students in English and writing, and she loves photography, traveling, cooking, and rescuing and fostering dogs and other animals. Dawn lives in the Atlanta area of Geogia with her husband and daughter.

Editing Philosophy

Dawn believes that the best editors are invisible in the writer’s work. Dawn works to preserve the voice and intent of the author while ensuring a smooth read for the audience.  Just like a good therapist does not simply remake you into being like that therapist, a good editor does not remake your writing into being like the editor’s writing. Dawn’s listening and analyzing skills honed through being a therapist have also helped her work more thoroughly with writing and with writers.

For example, just as Dawn observes consistencies and inconsistencies in people and relationships, she also observes them in writing; in arguments, structure, details, plots and characters. She notices patterns and trends and is able to map them out to ensure consistency and believe-ability are working for the readers. In working with writers Dawn likes to be transparent in her editing and her pricing. Her edits to manuscripts are clear to writers through the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word, and her charges are listed on her website. Dawn likes working collaboratively with writers, whether they be self-published or traditionally-published writers, college students, or pastors. Dawn explains her edits and suggestions, and writers maintain final say over any changes. Dawn is honest yet gentle in any constructive criticism, and she also points out strengths and gives encouragement. In working with Dawn you will be treated professionally and respectfully, just as you should.

Dawn is a member of The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network.

“A good editor understands what you’re talking and writing about
and doesn’t meddle too much.”
― Irwin Shaw